Zambezi Helicopter Company

A photographic paradise… It is unfortunate that Dr. David Livingstone never got to see Victoria Falls from a helicopter. So vast is the Victoria Falls in its settings that perhaps the best way to see this magnificent wonder is to take a Helicopter flip. Let the flight tell its story.

Coined by Dr. David Livingstone when he first documented discovering the Falls; “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight”

“Flight of Angels”: Experience the unrivalled view of the majestic Victoria Falls, the Mighty Zambezi and all its wildlife, and see first hand Victoria Falls and all its beauty as one, with our 12/13minute flight over the falls. Study the topography of the surrounding areas and experience the beauty and depths of the Batoka Gorge. “Zambezi Spectacular ": A 25 minute scenic flight encompassing the majestic waterfalls and the adjoining Batoka Gorge as well as the Zambezi National Game Park, home to many wildlife species, you will be given the opportunity to game view, as well as fly along the banks of the Zambezi river, including flying time over the enthralling falls themselves.